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Training & Knowledge / / 27 July, 2017

How to become a professional Boxer in India?

GetSporty brings another article for all the aspiring athletes who want to pursue a professional Boxing career in India. India has no dearth of talent but we need to provide right opportunities and the precise information to all the athletes who seek a professional career in sport in India. In this article we discuss about the journey of a Boxer in India-

Boxing is a sport that demands ultra fitness level and the person that fits this criteria and is between the ages of 18 and 40 years old can be a Boxer. Even if you have all the attributes of becoming an elite Boxer the journey is long and tedious.  It involves daily training to condition the body and learn the techniques necessary for the sport. Motivated candidates can eventually become professionals and gain the fame and fortune that comes with winning matches.

Here are some general tips for all the Boxers that they need to possess before they apply for a license to become a professional boxer:

 1. Peak Fitness level

Considering the competition in every sport at every level, isn't fitness the most common thing for an athlete to posses these days? Even the sports like Golf, there are some fitness levels that a player must reach if he ever wishes to reach his pinnacle. Ask Tiger Woods about his extraordinary demise. He is struggling for fitness for more than half a decade. Boxing is a physically demanding sport and your body must be able to handle the intensive training. It’s best to consult a doctor of your decision before you begin training for your new career. He can give you a physical exam to determine whether your body can handle the intensive work. The most important benefit of reaching a certain fitness level is that it not only makes your body fit but it brings with it the mental strength to cope with the stress of being a professional Boxer.

2. Find a boxing club

It's not only how you train but where you train can shape your career. India isn't America or Russia where Boxers hog lime lights as much as any other sports stars and that's why you may find it hard to find a decent Boxing club. But we can't complain as India hasn't produced a world-renowned Boxer like Mohammad Ali or Wladimir Klitschko, so the infrastructure isn't that good. But if you want to join a certain Boxing Zym or club, make sure to check the history of the gym and talk to some of the boxers. You want a club that teaches good boxing techniques, is fair to members, focused on advancing their careers and has a reputation for producing good boxers.

3. Choosing a Boxing Club

Well finding a Boxing club is a very very easy task but finding a good Boxing club will take some research and patience. You wouldn't want to watch a movie in a theatre where few people go or which shows same movie over and over again. You would want to watch a movie in a theatre with the best facilities and which allows you to watch different and the best movies. So a wannabe professional Boxer need to find a club with the best of the facilities and with the best training partner. After all you want to be a professional Boxer so you need to be coached by the best and need to practice with the best.

4. Begin Training

Your training literally starts the day when you decided to become a professional Boxer. There is a hell of a difference between a mere thinking and the actual path of a Boxer. A professional Boxer needs to indulge in a very intense training routine, from running many a miles every day to punching the Boxing bags for hours and also indulging in a hand-to-hand round of sparring with a training partner.

5. Participate in Amateur competitions

This is the only way to climb that difficult ladder. Even if you are good in training and perform quite exceptionally against your sparring partner, you just can't get a direct match against the likes of Anthony Joshua and Floyd Mayweather. You need to be patient with your development and growth and the Boxing Federations will always take the level of your skills and fighting experience into consideration before issuing you a pro license. So having enough fighting experience and enough bouts under your belt will be the only way to become a professional boxer. Your trainer will begin to book fights with other amateurs at a similar level of training. These competitions are not paid but they help you gain the reputation and experience you need to begin a professional career.

These are the basic things that a Boxer needs to achieve and needs to possess. Now let's talk about how you can become a professional Boxer in India:


To compete professionally as a Boxer in India, you need a license to compete before you set your foot in the ring for your first professional bout.

Professional boxing is a hard, demanding sport and like so many other areas of activity or sport in which young people like to participate there is a high degree of risk. The rules of the Indian Boxing Council governing the licensing of all professional boxers are designed to minimize such risk and to ensure that boxers are fully prepared fit and properly matched to enjoy a rewarding career with some financial benefit. Many young people may be attracted to the sport by the lure of big money and it must be realized from the outset that very few boxers make it to the very top.

The IBC expects that all applicants have had experience in amateur boxing. Amateur records are checked and anybody contemplating a professional career who has not already boxed is advised to contact an amateur association in their area. The IBC may grant a licence to boxers who have no or only limited amateur experience but before doing so they will want to know that they have had proper and good tuition for some period of time under the supervision of a professional trainer and without exception, the applicant will be required to demonstrate his/her skills in a gym assessment prior to further consideration. All applicant boxers are required to be trained and supervised by a licensed trainer/second and all must enter into a standard Boxer Agreement with a licensed trainer of the IBC.

There are three categories that a professional Boxer can participate to fight in India:

Category                                                                 Contest Name                                                                                 No of Rounds

3 Star                                                       IBC SERIES, NATIONAL TITLES                                                                            12

2 Star                                                      IBC SERIES NON TITLE BOUTS

                                                     GOLDEN GLOVE, ZONE, STATE, CITY TITLES                                                                08

1 Star                                            GOLDEN GLOVE, ZONE, STATE, CITY TITLES                                                                04

As we discussed earlier that to turn pro and to earn that Boxing license that you so much crave, you need enough experience at the amateur level. So you must be wondering what is amateur level and how do you fight at this level? And how you can take participation in this format?


Amateur Level- SILVER GLOVE SERIES: Contested for Zone, City or State Titles

The fighters/Boxers at this level fight in a silver glove series and is contested at the Zone, City or State levels. This level is primarily known as the amateur level and is also known as the Silver Glove Series. The Silver Glove Championships functions as a stepping stone and Pre Ranking Tournament for upcoming professional boxers before they are put through the rigors of Golden Glove and IBC Series, which a fighter can contest only if he has a pro Boxing license. These championships are only for unlicensed boxers to turn Pro. These are semi professional bouts. The Silver Glove Championships are held in each zone once a year to crown Silver Glove Zonal Champions in each weight division. The Silver Glove Championships is conducted as a league for up to 32 boxers. The competition is based on a 4 X 3 Min bout elimination format. The competition normally last 4 -7 days. This level is pre-ranked but the amateur records are kept and are considered at the time of applying for a Boxing license. So we advise you to be as professional and as serious as you can be during your bouts at this level. If you have a good enough record then the chances are that you will not have to face any problem in getting a pro Boxing license.



Now things get only tougher and more cruel from here. After you earn your pro Boxing License, this is the level where you will be contesting with the more advanced fighters. At this level, the IBC allows Boxing Promoters from across the country to conduct Fight cards (approved by IBC Matchmakers) to identify Zonal, State and City champions. The result of each IBC sanctioned Fight cards is included in the Pro Record of a Boxer.


The Indian Boxing Championships are the ultimate professional boxing competitions to identify the National Champions and contenders in each Weight Division of the IBC. The Indian Boxing Championships is conducted with a frequency and periodicity as determined by the Championship commission of the Indian Boxing Council. Each Indian Boxing Championship Fight card is termed as IBC 1, IBC 2, IBC 3 so on and so forth.

The Indian Boxing Championships contract is valid for 1 year and has to be renewed every year. Only the Top 10 boxers in each Weight division as represented by Rankings produced by the Ratings commission of the IBC are eligible to compete in the Indian Boxing Championships. The final 5 are offered contracts. The IBC may, with the approval of the President IBC, allow Foreign National Boxers to compete in the Indian Boxing Championships for Titles as well as Non Title and Elimination Bouts of the IBC on completion of requisite formalities and submission of documents and fees to the satisfaction of the IBC. Matchmaking for each fight card of the IBC is the responsibility and is approved by the Ratings Commission of the Indian Boxing Council.

How to apply for a license:


You need to follow these three steps to send your application:

Step 1:

A. Download & Fill Application Form

B. Scan & Send filled form to or by courier/

post to Indian Boxing Council, No 32 Mulberry Garden 2, Magarpatta

City, Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411013

Step 2:

A. IBC reviews application and invites for Selection trials conducted by IBC

Selection Commission.

Step 3:

A. Selected Boxers submit Medical Test reports as mandated by IBC medical


B. Payment of Annual License fee as per grade of Boxer

C. Sign IBC Pro Boxer Contracts

Step 4:

Receive IBC License

The most important part is to show your experience level which is crucial in getting a Boxing license. You need to share your Amateur Boxing participation as well as medals won in national level events that includes Sr. National Championships, Jr. National or Sr. State Level Performances details only. Each competition and your performance shall be assessed for awarding points for IBC Rankings.

To apply for a professional Boxer’s license you must first supply the following to the Zonal Boxing Commissioners

A. Fully completed original application form

B. 4 Passport photographs

C. Original Birth Certificate or Passport

D. BoxerTrainer Contracts (Copies with Zonal Boxing Commissioner – Available on Request)

E. Amateur Record Card

F. Licence fee payment (to be advised at time of application)

Here is the link to download the application form- (

Good luck for your dreams and your professional journey.

Be Sporty and Be GetSporty.

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