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Training & Knowledge / / 12 September, 2017

How to become a Volleyball player in India?

Does your child love volleyball and aspires to be a professional Volleyball player but you are clueless about the future of your child in the game. Then you are at the right place. From his first step to the giant leap towards representing India in the Olympics, here is the complete guide that will help every aspiring Volleyball player in India-

How to be a Volleyball player in India?

Volleyball is a game like other sports which requires speed, agility and some special techniques like jumping and flexibility. Whether you are a professional Volleyball player or just an amateur player who is just at the start of his career, there is always a room for improvement and the player who knows about this important fact can improve his game significantly.


With the inception of franchise based culture which was introduced by Cricket, India is fast becoming a sports nation which is home to many sports league which can be ranked amongst the best leagues in the world. Indian Premier League has played a significant role in introducing the league based culture but there are still some sports which are still rooted in the unknown territory. Volleyball is one such game which is in need for a push and smash that may take it right amongst the elite games.

Like Cricket, Volleyball is not played in some specific states. From rural to metro places and from India’s remote North-East states to Goa’s blistering beaches, this sport is played in almost all parts of India. Most of the times Volleyball is played as a recreational activity but India is amongst the top Volleyball nation in Asia. Indian men’s Volleyball team is currently ranked 5th in Asia and 39th in the world. Though India has never ever won any Olympic medal in this sport and has failed to win any other major competition in the world, this can be partly attributed to the lack of proper grassroot structure rather than a lack of talent.

So if you are an aspiring Volleyball player in India and wants to become a professional player, here is the complete guide that will reveal you the path-


Some common grounds-

Love your game- Some people starts to do things for the sake of passion which may be short lived and when the passion dries out, they start to feel dejected and lost. So before you start on a journey which is difficult and which will test your patience and perseverance like no other field, you must ask yourself- Do you love Volleyball and are you ready to do anything for your love? If the answer is yes then perhaps you are on the right path


Practice, Practice and Practice- A recent study has revealed that it takes around 10,000 hours of persistent work to master a skill, irrespective of the field that you choose. So if you are looking for a shortcut then you need to get rid of your ludicrous approach towards your dream. You must be consistent as well as persistent in your work. So get out of your comfort zone and work hard and put in great efforts because there are no such things as free lunches.


Be Positive- Even the scientists believe that the energy that we create from our thoughts and beliefs affects our surroundings and our nature in a big way. So filling yourself with a positive attitude will certainly reap you big rewards. But it’s get harder to lift the spirit when an athlete has an off day or his main competitor makes him feel like a puppet. Perhaps in those moments we see the real character of an athlete. As they say it’s not how many times you fall but the thing that matters most is the number of times you are able to pick yourself up-

These are the common things that a Volleyball player should possess-

If you are an Indian and want to be a professional Volleyball player, then you must make yourself ready for the bumpy road ahead as despite franchise based leagues are making less popular sport a big hit, there are still few sports like Volleyball which needs a kick to lift them out of the gloom. But don’t lose hope as there are always door open for the players who possess a talent-


If you are an aspiring Volleyball player then you must start playing Volleyball at these levels:


1. School

Popular sports like Cricket, Football or Badminton have dedicated academies in almost all the states, so players playing these sports will be at an advantage against the players who love the less popular sports like Volleyball. So if you want to be a professional Volleyball player then you must start early and should opt for the school which has a dedicated Volleyball court and a coach to train you in your early years. The school and the coach will be laying the foundation for your career.


2. Zonals- If you are studying in a school or college which gives equal importance to the sports, chances are that an athlete will get enough opportunities to represent his school in various sports events i.e. zonals or district level based tournaments. That’s where an athlete starts to create his own profile and statistics. Zonal based sports events are the tournaments between the school or colleges or any other government based sports institutions which fall in a particular zone i.e. East, West, North or South. For example, in an East Zone sports competition, only those school can participate which are in the East Zone.


3. Inter Zonal- These are the tournaments that are played between different Zones i.e. between East Zone, West Zone, North Zone and South Zone. As mentioned above only those players can participate in these tournaments who are studying in schools or colleges.


4. State Level or National Level- This is a big level up for the players. Any Volleyball player with a decent record at school or zonal based competitions can participate in the State or National level competitions.


5. International Level- That’s the level where elite word is used for the athletes. Be it Olympics, Commonwealth games or Asian Games, players with a good record in the domestic competitions are given preferences to represent the country in the major international competitions.

What you need to play Volleyball professionally-

Just like any other field, Talent and a passion to thrive in this game. Opportunities knock only once at the door and in a sport which needs Tyler Durden’s passion to make it more famous, you must be ready to grab every chance that you get. But despite the lack of media exposure or sponsors or a passionate fan base, this game remains an Olympic Sport and that’s what makes it a good career option for aspiring Volleyball players.

The Indian Volley League (IVL), which is a professional Volleyball league in India, also represents, a good option for the aspiring Volleyball players to showcase their talent. Just like Indian Premier League (IPL), the league runs on a franchise based system. It was launched by the Volleyball Federation of India in 2011. The inaugural edition featured six teams and the top players in the country.

Some precious Tips-

Every field, whether its a sport field or any other, requires dedication and a will to excel. So even if you are playing a less known sport like Volleyball, a talented player will always find a way to achieve success and the fact that it's an Olympic sport only makes it a good career option for aspiring athletes who love this sport.

Howver, if you don't get enough chances to play in India then you can even opt to play in other countries like China or Indonesia where Volleyball is a top top sport.

So everything is and will always be in your hand. Don't complain and take the command of your life in your hand.

More importantly, Believe in your Dreams.

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