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Training & Knowledge / / 23 October, 2017

What you need to become a professional Boxer?

Even if you are an ardent Boxing fan who knows how to land punches, choosing this sport as a career in India can be difficult considering financial insecurity & a hazy future that come crawling with it. But the sport is set to become more professional as Super Boxing League is primed to change the face of Boxing in India Here are some tips that may help:

1. Begin training-

It's good to keep a dream close to your heart and visualizing things in your thoughts to make that dream come true. But every great imagination is futile until you turn your visualization into action and there is no better way to do this than start training under a coach who can teach you the fundamentals of Boxing. So put on your gloves and start hitting a punch bag and who knows a little Anthony Joshua is hiding inside you somewhere.

2. Earn a Boxing License-

To become a professional Boxer in India and before applying for a professional Boxing license from the Indian Boxing Council (IBC), an athlete must acquire some experience in amateur boxing first. As Boxing involves a lot of risk, the IBC always checks the records of a Boxer before issuing him a license. In addition to this, a Boxer also undergo various medical exams to make sure that he is fit enough to endure the brutality of the Boxing.

3. Participate in Amateur Boxing tournaments-

It's good to practice more and everyday to harness your skills but there is no better way to hone your sills set and test your endurance level than indulging in some real action. Boxers as young as eight years old can participate in amateur tournaments where boxers are matched up with other fighters in their same age range and weight class. So always keep in touch with your state amateur boxing association for the upcoming tournaments and who knows a good performance may even give you an opportunity to represent India at the international tournaments.

4. It's just you and only you-

A coach will definitely help you in harnessing your skills but what matters more is your dedication and your attitude towards your sport and passion. There are innumerous examples where talented people burst onto the scenes and took the world by storm and then suddenly faded away into oblivion. So learn some lessons from all these brilliant examples and always believe in your dreams. All our wishes are with you.

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