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Training & Knowledge / / 04 January, 2018

Basketball- Chapter-1 | How to hold the ball?

There's more to sports than just trying for ultimate glory or eyeing for those headline-grabbing moments. A player can affect the outcome of the game by doing some basics right and that's what an aspiring and the budding athlete should be taught when he chooses his favorite sport as a career. If you are an aspiring Basketball player, then this is the chapter for you-

Should an aspiring Basketball player judge his performances on the court based on the points scored or the number of times he successfully pounces on the rebounds?

First thing first, you need to sit down and think about what you really want to do in your life? And how much efforts can you put in to achieve your dream and passion? Because 9 out of 10 budding athletes inadvertently suffer from "procrastination". In the beginning, almost every athlete starts out with too much passion and after sometimes it just wanes in intensity and that's where you will find the biggest crowd, moaning about the lost opportunities and cursing others for their failures. You may not want to do all these things. You may not want to stuck in the “Land of the Lost” with nowhere to go unless you are strong enough to hustle at every point of your life, you may want to control your fate and in a situation where you are strong enough to keep yourself immune from this contagious disease of procrastination and of course not in a situation where you are blaming others for your failures.

Now, if you have figured out what you really want in your life and will do everything to become the player you have always wanted to become and in this case a top-notch Basketball player then this article is for you-

Basketball is one of the most watched sports in the world. It's an Olympic sport too, so there are enough chances for you to aim for that ultimate glory if you are really unique and is willing to do more hard work than your contemporaries. Then there is NBA, the greatest, the biggest and the richest Basketball league in the whole world, if you have the talent then there is nothing that can stop you.

1. Learn to handle the ball properly

The biggest problem with the aspiring and the budding athletes is that they don't do the basics right or they do things sporadically. Just like a newly born child learns to crawl first and then comes a stage when he learns to walk, similarly, a young Basketball player should be taught about the ways to handle the ball properly before he learns to shoot the ball into the net.

The process requires you to bounce the ball and its part of the Basketball dribbling. When you are dribbling a Basketball, it's not good for you to catch the ball and put your hands under the Basketball. This must be a carry and the turnover. So if you want to dribble, keep your hand above the Basketball and make sure you are doing it with your fingertips, and notice the ball come right back to you. When you are dribbling make sure you aren't standing upright but you should be half bend with a low center of gravity and then hit the ball with your fingertips. It will make your movement faster on the court and will help you perform better during the tight situations. Remember, if the ball hits your palm, it just slows down your dribbling process. So always keep the ball at your fingertips and as low as possible because you may not want to give your opponent a chance to steal the ball away from you.

2. Between the legs-

When you are dribbling between the legs, make sure you have got a good base. You may not want to stagger your upper body just to fox your opponent. It will only deprive you of speed and the momentum you need to beat your defender. So make sure you are straightforward, maintaining a good base, bounce the ball with one hand between your legs and receive it with the fingertips of your other hands. Keep your eyes straight because you must be aware of the movement of your teammates as well as your opponents as it will help you pierce the opposition's defense. Keep practicing as you will feel a bond growing between you and the ball 

3. Behind the back-

That's a bit hard than those two techniques we discussed above. A lot of players who try this "Behind the back" technique, they tend to look at the ball all the time and then receive it with the other hand, making them look like showing-off and the trick totally useless during the game.

Just as in football, the effectiveness of your dribbling will always depend on the movement of your eyes. There are thousands of players who are better dribbler than Messi, Iniesta, Xavi or Kaka in football, and better than the likes of Paul George and Stephen Curry in Basketball but they are not even the one-thousandth player of those successful players because they always look at the ball, totally unaware of the movement of other players. While successful players play with their eyes whenever their feet and hands are doing some tricks, they always have an eye for that match-changing through pass and it is only possible if your eyes are also dribbling with your feet or hands.

If you want to be as good as Paul George or Stephen Curry, make sure, when you are performing this trick your eyes are straight. Don't try to wrap your hands around your back while receiving the ball because it will take a lot of speed away from you. So if you are going behind the back, just a quick transfer from one side to the other will do wonders for you and will help you open the defense of your opposition. Make less movement with your hands, throw the ball behind your back, receive it with the other while keeping the movements of your hands as natural as possible.

4. Spin Move-

It’s really, really effective and if you follow Basketball then you must have seen players performing this trick on the court and successfully foxing their opponents into making an unsuccessful attempt to block the opposition. It’s hard but can help you throw your defender off his mark and as a result, you will get a lot of open space to make a decisive pass or you can even try for the direct point. The best way to finish this spin move is you must hold the ball in your stronger hand while keeping your opposite foot away from Basketball and plant this foot firmly on the court and at the right moment, spin on your opposite foot and you can see that you have successfully pivoted around your defender. This is the move hard to master but it also fetches you the most open space on the court.

For example, if you are dribbling with your right hand, keep your left foot away from the ball. Try to use your left hand as a shield to keep the defender away from yourself and the ball. Then at the right moment, pivot on your left foot and rotate around the defender, you will successfully beat him if you do it right.

That’s all in this illustration, in the next article we will be discussing the all-important “Passing”. Till then spend some time alone and indulge in doing all these activities we just discussed.

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