Football trials to be conducted for the 1st National Masters Game

Type : Trial

Organizer Name : Sports Department, Chandigarh

Location : Chandigarh.

Email : NA

Event Description :

The Masters Games Association, Chandigarh, will conduct three-day long trials under different age groups to select teams for the 1st National Masters Game.

The Trials will start from Wednesday and will be conducted at the Sector 7 Sports Complex to select the athletics team in the above 30 years age group. While players for the men's badminton team will be selected in the 40-45 years, 45-49 years and 50+ age categories. While for Women's Badminton team, trials will be held in 35-39 years, 40-44 years and 45+ age groups.

In Volleyball, the players will be selected for men’s (35+) and women’s (30+) volleyball teams. While Basketball trials for men’s (35+) and women’s basketball (30+) teams will be held at the Sector 42 Sports Complex on Thursday. 

The same venue will also host the trials for football (35+) and men’s (40+) and women’s (30+) hockey. Weightlifting trials will be conducted in 56kg, 62kg, 69kg, 77kg, 85kg, 94kg and 109kg weight categories for the athletes in the age group of 35-39 years, 40-49 years and 50+ years. 

Men’s and women’s tennis teams will also be selected during the trials on Thursday. While the men will compete in the 40-44 years, 43-49 years and 50+ age groups, women can participate in 35-39 years, 40-44 years and 45+ categories. 

Trials for swimming will be organized at the Sector 23 Swimming Pool on Friday, while table tennis tryouts in various age categories will be held at the Sector 23 TT Hall, the organizers said, adding that the trials will be held across respective venues from 3:30 pm.

Event Name : Football trials to be conducted for the 1st National Masters Game.

Event Organiser : Sports Department, Chandigarh.

Address : Sports Department, Chandigarh

City : Chandigarh

Pin : 160019

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